Leprosy is an infectious disease caused by the leprosy bacillus. It ismost probably spread as a droplet infection. Like many other infections, leprosy can be treated with antibiotics.

How to recognise leprosy?

The first sign of leprosy is often a patch of skin that is lighter in colour than the surrounding skin. If you see someone with a patch on their skin that may be leprosy, you must • Talk to the person.

  • Examine their skin.
  • Test the feeling in the skin patches.
  • Feel the nerves.
  • Examine the hands and feet.
  • Decide whether
  • Treatment:

    Early diagnosis and treatment limits the spread of disease and disabilities. It is a completely curable disease, which requires long term – multi drug therapy of about 6 – 12 months regularly.For older cases with deformities or disabilities ,the following modalities are available:

  • Corrective Physiotherapy
  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

  • It is a mildly contagious disease, which requires prolonged close contact with patient. eg.: spouse, kids, brother, sister. These all-family members are required to be checked once as a routine by doctor or leprosy worker. Vaccine treatment is now available which helps to control the infection along with the drug therapy.